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In 1760, in London, James Henry Creed founded the House of Creed. It rapidly grew a favourite with the English Court and Queen Victoria appointed Creed an official supplier. Soon, the House of Creed was chosen by all the courts of Europe : from Napoln III, Empress Eugie, Francis-Joseph, Elizabeth of Austro-Hungaria to Chritina of Spain, Creed's creations were recognised for their quality, refinement and originality.

In 1854, under Empress Eugie, the House of Creed moved to Paris and soon acquired notoriety.

With a very selective clientele, Creed went on creating more than two hundred unique and exclusive scents, all original and hand-made. These masterpieces were produced by the Creed family over the years.

Today, Olivier Creed, Master Perfumer of the House, has decided to introduce to the five continents the fruit of his creative flair.

The Creed "Vintages" have been elaborated from essences of great quality and contain the highest percentage of natural components in the French perfume industry. When in France or travelling abroad, Olivier Creed personally selects the purest rose essences from Bulgaria, Turkey or Morocco; as well as Jasmine and Irises from Florence, Tuberoses from India, genuine Parma Violets and so on... The infusion technique, now abandoned by modern industry, enables Olivier Creed, a perfectionist, to preserve the originality of his fragrances. Creed trade mark, as a result, manufactures its own infusion of vanilla, civet, musk and ambergris. The components are then weighed, mixed, macerated and filtered, all by hand in the highest tradition of the founder, James Henry Creed.

Original and exclusive bottles with glass stoppers covered with natural leather preserve the precious fragrance : Flower Fantasia, Empress Eugie Jasmine, Green Irish Tweed, Vanisia, Fleur de Bulgarie....

Olivier Creed is an expert at creating his own scents : this is unique in the French perfume industry and most probably accounts for his far reaching success.

Sixth in the family line, he is today Master Perfumer of a House which has been in the family business for over 230 years and which, he hopes, will remain so for many years to come.

His son, Erwin, is Senior Perfumer and his daughter, Olivia, is an art designer for Creed.
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