Bogart Cologne

Bogart Cologne

Launched in 1975, bogart by jacques bogart offers a clean but spicy experience that has a unique twist when it comes to popular mens cologne options . The top notes of this fragrance consist of rosemary and lemon blossom, which introduces wearers and those surrounding them to a citrus-herbal experience. This opens up to core notes of nutmeg, cloves, geranium and nutmeg, which in turn fade into oakmoss, leather and birch. These notes give the cologne the sweetness, spice and woodiness needed to make it complete. Jacques bogart began making Parfumes in 1975, and has since introduced 23 unique Parfumes onto the market. Bogart was released in 1975, and was among the first successful fragrances that allowed the company to grow and develop over the years. Many of the collections were made in collaboration with other famous designers. This particular fragrance was created with both masculinity and smoothness in mind, and while it was made over four decades ago, its stood the test of time rather well. This is a well-loved scent even among modern cologne aficionados, and is the perfect accessory for a winter or fall day. The sillage is moderately heavy, so wearers can rest assured they dont overwhelm the noses of others, and its a long-lasting solution to fragrance needs.


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