Tester Miss Dior Perfume

Tester Miss Dior Perfume

Introducing miss dior (miss dior cherie) Parfume created by christian dior . Miss dior cherie Parfume is a new interpretation of a classic. Miss dior cherie eau de parfum comes out of the christian dior design house. Dior unveiled this elegant yet modern scent in 2005. The Parfume bottle may be new, but its design was inspired by the classic. Strawberry leaves and href="http://aggie-horticulture.tamu.edu/citrus/mandarins.htm">mandarin combine to make miss dior cherie Parfume unforgettable. Add in some violet, jasmine, and strawberry sorbet along with patchouli and musk and you have a fragrance with a unique flair. Are you looking for an appealing gift for someone who loves the subtle fragrances created by christian dior? miss dior is sure to be a welcome surprise for a special woman in your life. Miss dior cherie Parfume is the perfect choice for a girl celebrating her sweet 16. When it comes to miss cherie, dior has created a scent that gives young women a new favorite for their Parfume collection. This Parfume is appropriate for both daily wear and special occasions. A new mother arriving home from the hospital with her baby would be thrilled to receive an elegant bottle of miss cherie. Dior Parfume is an ideal gift for busy moms everywhere. She is sure to appreciate a gift that reminds her of how cherished she is by her loved ones. A bottle of miss dior cherie is a thoughtful item to give to a spouse on a wedding anniversary. Every time she sees the attractive bottle of dior Parfume on her dressing table, she will think of you. Graduations, engagements, and baby showers are just a few of the other occasions made all the more enjoyable with a gift of Parfume by dior. Miss dior cherie is a beloved favorite of stylish women throughout the world!


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